Message, engage, and track intermediary customers without software.

It's expensive and complicated to deliver intermediary experiences. We do it for you.

Deliver targeted messages

Go beyond email and deliver a persistent history of information and resources for advisors

Publish your resources

Build custom content experiences with no software

Segment on real-time regulatory data

Instant FINRA, SEC, and NAIC compliant registration eliminates your current clunky setup.

Detailed data about every interaction

You don't need leads, you need actionable insights about actual advisors

Gainfully brings LPL and partner content for compliant sharing by every advisor.

Gainfully delivers AB resources to strategic partners and tens of thousands of advisors

"Gainfully’s turnkey capabilities enable our advisors to market their businesses efficiently so they can spend their time where it matters most—helping their clients work toward their financial goals." 
More than 2,600 companies are engaging their customers and teams with Gainfully
Makes compliant social media sharing scalable for hundreds of advisors
Empowers its wholesaling teams to work with tens of thousands of agents and advisors