Compliant conversations anywhere

Enable communications across multiple channels seamlessly and leverage a variety of Distribution End-Points including; Email, Social Media, Direct Messaging, Direct Mail & Chat.

Key Features

Two-way client chat over SMS, Email, Web, and more

Realtime compliance flagging, including lexicon and patterns

Available on every device, including native iOS and Android apps

Bulk messaging including campaigns

Social selling support to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter

    Collaborate with teammates

    Compliance-controlled chat that makes realtime communications a reality for every broker-dealer, RIA, and insurance agency.

    Empower B2B sales teams


    Powers These Use Cases

    Gainfully is a suite of 5 powerful products that work seamlessly together to power advisory experience.

    "Gainfully’s turnkey capabilities enable our advisors to market their businesses efficiently so they can spend their time where it matters most—helping their clients work toward their financial goals." 
    More than 2,600 companies are engaging their customers and teams with Gainfully
    Makes compliant social media sharing scalable for hundreds of advisors
    Empowers its wholesaling teams to work with tens of thousands of agents and advisors