What Makes Clients Stay?

A recent article titled "Why Clients Fire Their Advisors" in ThinkAdvisor broke down some sobering statistics about why clients move to other advisors. The big takeaway? Communication and ideas matter. Of clients who left their advisors:

  • 24% cited lack of proactive contact
  • 23% said the advisor had not provided them with good ideas and advice

This tells us that maintaining consistent, engaging contact with clients can help retain as much as a full quarter of clients.

You have the tools to keep clients.

At Gainfully we recommend just such a proactive approach. Using your client list, sending an email update and keeping them engaged with content on social media takes just a couple minutes a week. Here are 5 actionable steps:

  • When it feels like it's time to reach out to a client, it is
  • Keep your website and published resources up to date
  • Consider blogging and crafting original content
  • Utilize content curation to engage your clients via email
  • Social media touch points should all point back to your content

Read more on the report in ThinkAdvisor here.

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