Tip: Sharing card links

Have you ever wanted to share a card with colleagues or customers in an instant message, email, or other private channel? You can do just that by sharing a card's URL from your Home page.

Getting the link

To get a card's link just click on any card in your Home page. When it zooms, you'll see that the URL now includes the card ID at the end. Just copy and paste this full URL into your tool of choice and the recipients will be taken right to the same card when they click it.


The card will of course reflect their own compliance and review status for their home office, so it's completely safe to share outside of your organization. Gainfully will always ensure that the receiver doesn't have access to unapproved tools or content.

What can I do with this?

A lot! You can post a link to a email group, add it to your Yammer or other workgroup channel, or send in a instant message. For example, if you have a team and want to coordinate a social media campaign, just send them a link to the card and note to post to LinkedIn.

Privacy considerations

Keep in mind that a card may not have been originally visible to the person you're sharing with, so be careful that you're not sharing restricted content. However, this also enables you to share "hidden" resources to particular customers, partners, or employees.

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