The harder we work, the luckier we get.

At Gainfully we have been toiling hard to build something awesome:  to give financial professionals a great way to discover and use knowledge. But not just knowledge that is random or academic. We're talking about current, relevant, and actionable knowledge that can magnify their business.

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If you are reading this you know we are the premier source of compliant and shareable content in the industry, and that aspect of what we do is getting better every day....but we didn't see this coming! Because our content comes from the best companies, and is updated continuously, many advisers and agents are turning to us to get their daily news. It actually makes a lot of sense because it's efficient. You can immediately see all the content that you want just by logging on. If you want to see what's hot, or new, or getting posted on any given topic it's only a click away. And here is the best part: If you find something that you want to share or send via email it's only two more clicks of a mouse. We didn't start as a news organization for advisers but in many ways that's what we've become. We love to hear that advisers are using us to find out what's really going on. Lucky us.

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