Gainfully Announces Launch

Gainfully Launches Content Network Connecting Financial Advisers, BDs, and Product Firms

Gainfully launches the content discovery platform for financial professionals, combining networked content, compliance, and social distribution for financial services into a single application. August 19th, 2015 – Gainfully ( announces its launch, aiming to re-imagine how financial professionals discover and share content between firms and with clients online. The brainchild of a veteran media and financial services team, Gainfully seamlessly integrates content curation, discovery, compliance review, and sharing of digital ideas. This allows advisers and agents in the financial community to easily uncover the best content created and curated by all the leading companies in the financial industry The Broker-Dealer Money Concepts uses Gainfully to enable their nearly 600 reps with content from preferred partners to discover and share to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. While at Se2 and The Hartford, President Ryan Johnson realized much of the industry’s best information was scattered and siloed across the web, often undiscoverable by advisers despite these being exactly what they want to share with their clients. Gainfully provides a simple approach and ready to use system that ensures advisers have the best ideas and the content to communicate them at their fingertips. Increasingly, financial services are turning to social networks to speed sales, marketing and connectivity. Social marketing and networks are going to become an increasingly important tool for the financial services industry. Gainfully was founded in mid 2014 by CEO Cameron Nordholm. Says Cameron Nordholm, “The idea for Gainfully sprang from the need for advisers to be radically more nimble with marketing and messaging to stay at the forefront of the industry.” With the launch Gainfully the patent-pending multi-tenant communication system is available for the financial services industry. This network of progressive financial services companies and financial professionals will provide a way to communicate with the increasingly digital content demanding customers of tomorrow. Financial professionals can create a free account at Contact Cameron Nordholm at (855) 730-2323 x5 / with inquiries.

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