Please, don't sell me!

Just so we're clear. The days of white shoes and a belt to match are gone. Don't get me wrong. I have aluminum siding, fuller brushes, a kirby vacuum, and a garage full of girl scout cookies. I love to get sold stuff. But not everyone does. In fact many people simply just won't buy what you're selling because that's not the way it works any more.


Now, people become buyers over time. A great closing line won't do it. A great sales pitch won't do it. Even a great product at a great price won't do it. What WILL do it is taking the time to help people sell themselves. Sales in the future will be enabling people with great content that will convince them of the value of your product. When they are ready you will want to be there, as their content provider, their product buying concierge, at the ready to give them what they want. That is why social networking is so important because it is your contribution to those that may want to know you, but need time to get comfortable. You're channel of content is your sales pitch but over a period of time, not all at once. Eventually some will reach out to you and then your job will be share, help, and not sell. If you attack, they'll scurry away, I promise.... regardless of how cheap your vinyl siding is. Provide them more knowledge. Help them understand. Be a resource. Share and be patient. You'll be the one that closes the sale.

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