Lincoln Investment Joins Gainfully's Platform

Lincoln Investment, a leading broker-dealer with over 800 financial advisors nationwide and serving over 270,000 clients representing over $24.7 billion in assets, has chosen Gainfully as a compliance-supported social media platform for its advisors. Gainfully is thrilled to support their advisors' growth. Gainfully is now the leading network for financial professionals, brokerage, product, and service institutions, and enabling the sharing of compliant content with clients across social, web, and mobile media channels. For broker-dealers, Gainfully combines industry-driven content with supervision and advisor publishing tools into a single package, dramatically reducing compliance overhead while improving the advisor-client experience. Lincoln Investment joins Gainfully's roster of leading broker-dealer firms, aggressively supporting their advisors with the digital marketing and sales support tools necessary to compete in a constantly shifting industry.

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"Gainfully’s turnkey capabilities enable our advisors to market their businesses efficiently so they can spend their time where it matters most—helping their clients work toward their financial goals." 
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