Launching Presence™ Broadcast

Cameron Nordholm

When we announced Gainfully Presence we declared our vision to help advice happen at every level of the value chain more efficiently. That includes the ability of financial professionals to efficiently uncover the best resources for them and their clients from their partners in the home office, asset management, and insurance carrier spaces. With that in mind, we're excited to launch Broadcasts, the first enterprise feature of Gainfully Presence. Broadcasts enable organizations working with agents and advisors on Gainfully to easily deliver rich updates of both FA-only and client-ready content. Broadcasts make delivering engaging experiences easier than ever, and leverage core Presence technology to empower your teams. All organization admins can compose a Broadcast campaign to target subscribers and/or members of their organization. The campaign* *content can include formatted text as well as content curated from their own organizations, libraries, or even partner organizations in the case of advisory or insurance distribution firms. To start a campaign, simply go to User account > Campaigns and click the '+' button next to your organization. [caption id="attachment_1278" align="aligncenter" width="1010"]

Example of a broadcast from an asset manager channel[/caption] When sent, users will receive aggregated digests of new broadcasts regularly or, in the case of member organizations, they can optionally deliver a 'push' email notification so your members are notified immediately (for example when a new weekly digest is hot off the 'press'). Unlike other Presence channels or messages, Broadcasts do not currently support replies from users. Broadcasts make it simple to highlight events, timely content, and call your users to action. Broadcast channels also 'save' any shared content in one place so recently shared content is always at the fingertips of your users. Moreover, cards shared through Broadcasts follow all of the same compliance permissions as any other content on Gainfully.

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