It's still blocking and tackling

If you aren't a sports person then you aren't reading this so there is no need to apologize for the over use of sports analogies. So now that is't just us, those that choose to speak in sports terms, I will refine the topic even further: It's Blocking. Last year the Seahawks almost won the Superbowl and did win it the year before. Why? Because of a Superstar running back? Great QB? Amazing Defense? Great coaching, perhaps? Yes, OK...those things helped. But what made them "super" great, and what makes them look less than spectacular so far this year, is none of those things. They still have all of those great attributes. What has noticeably changed is their offensive line, their blocking. It's not as good and they are struggling. Without that fundamental powerhouse you won't be "great". It's always true in football. You need those big guys up front or you won't win. The same is true in business. In business, "blocking" can be lot's of things. In the business of a financial professional it is social content establishing your presence on the internet. Your clients and prospective clients will get information about you from a wide range of sources. They will google you, look at your facebook page, your Linkedin account, and may even follow you on twitter. They will attempt to penetrate who you really are, what you really stand for, through these digital gaps in your front line. As they rush you, if you haven't taken the time to create a formidable front line presence with big 300 pound lineman, (great content that represents you well) you may get blind sided. Remember: a system devoid of information will create it's own. Don't let that happen. Especially when it only takes a little time and effort. Here's how you do it: Find great content to share often and consistently. Build your front line, your on line digital content library, so that it gives the right impression and satisfies their need for due diligence about you. You have the talent to be championship caliber but you still need those big guys up front to be a winning team.  

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