Introducing Card Filters (Using Fancy Diagrams)

Let's say you want to catch up on your content marketing, so you hatch a plan. You'll find and share 5 articles and 2 videos on your lunch break. Oh! And you want to know that these articles and videos are top performing... and already approved by your broker dealer... and client-facing. Yikes. Maybe lunch break isn't enough time. Or is it? Card filters are your ace-up-the-sleeve. Filters make finding cards that meet specific criteria really fast and easy. Let's get started by clicking the filter button in the search bar, showing your filtering options.

Blog content filters

First, let's get the basics covered. Filtering doesn't just show you all of the cards that are "top performing" or links, it shows you all cards that are "top" and links. So what happens when you select both of those at once? You get a sweet spot like this:  

Sketches - 6

  Back to your lunch break and card hunt. Those two videos that you want to share now? Just switch "media" in for links in the example above and add "client shareable" and you'll get this perfectly tailored view of cards:  

Sketches - 5

  The minty green area contains top videos that are shareable with your clients, and those are the only cards you'll see! Alright, for your last trick you really want to find a video related to debt. That's where traditional search comes! Just enter "debt" in the search box, then use the same filters and voila!  

Sketches - 7

  So now you can relax and be glad you handled your content marketing update with plenty of time to finish last night's spaghetti. We thought briefly about allowing complex queries with nots, ands, ors, and so forth, but we didn’t want you to have to buy a book on set theory (but who knows, maybe you're that kind of person?). We wanted to keep the interface simple and fit most people’s needs. Now, go forth and filter!  

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