Introducing Microsites: Modern, Mobile-First Engagement

Gainfully Microsites are a unique, mobile-optimized solution designed to help today’s financial professionals and insurance agents better engage with their prospects and clients online. Unlike other advisor websites, our solution balances advisor branding with ease of implementation. Gainfully Microsites give advisors the flexibility to share personalized dynamic content, to showcase their expertise, boost visibility and attract new business.   Built on the innovative Gainfully Platform, Gainfully Microsites allow advisors to manage multi-channel social and web presences through a single dashboard, while remaining protected with our robust compliance functionality. Plus, Gainfully Microsites are available to all thousands of Gainfully users immediately — every post shared card can immediately be accessed through advisors' social link. Sharing with your social networks is an important part of branding yourself and building your business. But why is it that your posts always send people to some other website? Gainfully Microsites make it easy to keep and engage clients and prospects no matter how they discover your business. Advisors can create a free account or institutions can contact about delivering Gainfully to your team.

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"Gainfully’s turnkey capabilities enable our advisors to market their businesses efficiently so they can spend their time where it matters most—helping their clients work toward their financial goals." 
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