Collections. Robot turbocharged sharing.

Gainfully has quickly become the best way for financial professionals to quickly and compliantly share content with their networks (thanks to our thousands of users, by the way!). Now, we’re introducing something that’s going to take the Gainfully experience to the next level: Gainfully Collections. Collections enable you find a card, click “Add to Collection” and… what’s that? You’re done. Once the card is added to your collection it’s automatically queued for compliance and — if approved — automatically shared using Gainfully’s fancy sharing algorithm.

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Gainfully will keep sharing your cards as long as they are engaging for your audience, then we’ll alert you when you need to select some more cards to add to your collection to keep it fresh. This is all about you and creating a custom experience that’s one-click easy. And since collections live in Gainfully, all the compliance review, advisor card branding, and simplicity carry over seamlessly. And don’t worry: if you want to send or share a card, those are still options on every approved card!


To enable autosharing, you will need to confirm your locations first so we can set your appropriate time zone (you know, gotta make that algorithm happy). You can do this from your profile settings, then enable autosharing right from your collection page. As always, your Gainfully account is free. Are you a financial professional and need an account? Visit to get started.

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