Announcing Gainfully Presence™

Gainfully is excited to announce Gainfully Presence, an integrated communications platform for financial professionals and the broader financial services industry. Presence is the first of its kind: a channel- and device-agnostic, FINRA and SEC compliance-enabled communications platform. With the proliferation of FinTech and InsurTech tools, many firms experience a fragmentation in their client experience. The result? Missed opportunities to support clients, get feedback, identify risks, or collaborate with colleagues. And because every client is different, their desire to interact over chat, SMS, and other channels has only accelerated fragmentation.

Being Present

Presence solves the challenge of being present for clients, wherever and however they want. With a unified, real-time messaging architecture, Presence can communicate inside websites, client portals, e-applications, marketing tools, or social campaigns. It also supports SMS/texting and email endpoints as well for firms eager to enabled their advisors with texting. Presence enables collaboration and handoff between advisors, support staff, home offices, and other team members. This dynamic, interconnected messaging backbone will lay the foundation for bringing advisory services to the rapidly evolving ecosystem of robo, hybrid, and aggregation platforms among other FinTech companies.

Enterprise First

Enterprises can configure Presence to align with their compliance risk tolerance, including by limiting channels and reply types, and by performing real-time in-transit filtering and blocking. Moreover, enterprises can broadcast messages to their teams, workforces, customers, and more to securely share resources in real-time at scale. The Presence API supports both publishing to messaging channels as well as in-channel interactions. We're excited about the opportunities for client- and advisor-facing chatbots from our partners (see our announcement with LPL Financial, AllianceBernstein, Voya Financial, and others) as well as other FinTech and InsurTech companies.

Building on the Gainfully Network

Presence building on the Gainfully Network, which has made it easier than even for financial professionals to access, synthesize, and share resources from their supporting firms all with compliance built in. With over 60,000 professionals and tens of thousands of content resources it will serve to accelerate usage and exchange on the Gainfully Network.

Learn More

Presence will enter beta with a number of current customers at the beginning of March. If your firm is interested in participating, please contact your customer success manager or reach out to us below.   Get in touch I’m interested in Presence API access Please email

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