150 Reasons We Love Our Users. Curious?

This week we reached a milestone: 150 cities across the US. Thanks to all of the early home offices, corporate headquarters, branches, and independent advisors and agents who are helping make Gainfully better every day. As a treat, we tallied up the cities where we have the most users.

Top 5 cities for Gainfully users

  1. San Diego
  2. NYC
  3. LA
  4. Minneapolis
  5. Chicago

Bonus: 2015's "I can't stop sharing" summer vacation spots

And as a bonus, we took a quick look at the most popular travel destinations where users don't disconnect. We understand your passion for engaging your clients, but don't forget to take at least a day to unplug (want some tips? Check out this card from the Gainfully Channel: "5 Rules for a Vacation that’s Truly Worth It"


  1. Rio de Janeiro
  2. Barcelona
  3. San Jose (Costa Rica)
  4. Paris
  5. Rome


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