October 18, 2018

New: Live Segments & Email Campaigns

Cameron Nordholm

We're excited to announce the first real-time segmentation feature for the financial services and insurance industries. Now insurance companies, asset managers, broker-dealers, RIAs, and FinTech/InsurTech companies can effectively, measurably, and compliantly share the best resources, tools, research, and apps with their desired intermediary audiences — and vice-versa.
What Institutions Can Do

  • Privately sync your customer data with Gainfully data and pull real-time FINRA/SEC/NIPR data to ensure compliant, targeted communications
  • Customize email and in-app messages utilizing every data field, including HTML templates, web publishing by intermediaries and other endpoints
  • Organize all of the targeted tools, apps, resources, and research for each intermediary in a permanent home

What Intermediaries Can Do

  • Manage their notification preferences for every firm they work with, giving them a range of options from receiving push notifications to getting a weekly digest email
  • Share resources with colleagues, partners, and clients on social, email, or just about anywhere with Gainfully Advisor, a hub for resources from across the industry
  • Collaborate with chat across the network

Why We Built It

Knowing your advisor and agent customers is one of the biggest challenges in financial services. With frequent moves, licensing status changes, and even M&A activity, having a clear picture of who you're working with can be a constant challenge. In a relationship-based world, being respectful of intermediates' preferences is paramount.

In February, we announced the first real-time FINRA, SEC, and NIPR data capability for the industry with Gainfully Advisor, the free product we provide to every intermediary in the US. The benefit is an instant view of intermediary partners, providers, and instantly enforced ad-review and surveillance compliance from home offices. Gainfully Advisor also empowers intermediaries to receive messages and tailor notification preferences — benefiting both their sanity and the quality of your relationship.

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