August 13, 2018

Facebook profile sharing no longer available

Abby Golebiewski
Customer Success Manager

Facebook Pages, the primary way agents and advisors share content to the social network, has been one of the most commonly used sharing endpoints of Gainfully's members. Fortunately, Pages sharing is unaffected by recent privacy-focused changes at Facebook following concerns about how the company is sharing data.

However, as part of a flurry of recent announcements, Facebook announced that it would be disallowing third party applications like Gainfully from posting to personal profiles, meaning the profile pages that most people in the U.S. use to share personal photos, updates, and communicate with friends and family. Because of this, you'll soon find that the option to post to a personal Facebook profile is no longer available in Gainfully.

A very small number of Gainfully's members uses profile sharing with any consistency, but we of course understand that you may have questions about using Page publishing. As has always been the case, you will need to log in to your Facebook Profile to add a business page. For reference, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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